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As an author, if someone showed you the tools to help you get on the road to being a best seller, would you want those tools? Or would you shrug your shoulders and walk away thinking a miracle will happen, there's no need to invest in anything? Or maybe you're thinking If you just keep writing, one day the right person will pick up your book and notice your talents?

Do you feel like you are running on a wheel and you just can't make a difference no matter what you do? Did you have a sale, sell a few books and watch your numbers plummet when the sale was over? It doesn't have to be that way.

We can walk you through the steps to get on the road to being a best seller! We aren't simply trying to sell your book. We want to make sure you and your books are ready first. We have one of the best author coaching services around. Authors from all walks of life are welcome.

Invest in yourself! 

If You Can See It, You Can Have It!

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**Please check your email and follow all the confirmation steps. As a special thank you we are sending you The Amateur Authorpreneur by Sarah Jane Butfield. 

The Amateur Authorpreneur is a beginners’ guide for authors who intend to develop their writing into a business, addressing the important task of book promotion and marketing. We look at laying the foundations of the authorpreneur book promotion toolkit, building a fan base on social media and much more.

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